I've always had a passion for making things. Even as a toddler I was furiously connecting crayons with cardboard or recording videos on cheap rented cameras. I grew up immersed in the arts. Having a parent who was heavily involved in both the fashion and film industries really propelled my exploration into my creativity.

Not long after graduating I quickly started working in the film industry. I have since worked in numerous departments on features as well as television series. Working in the industry has really helped me see what the art form can become.

Later in my teen years I was given my first camera. I immediately fell in love with photography and filmmaking. I am thankful that this tool has been able to bring so many great people and experiences into my life. And it's been able to do this in such a short time period. I'm always striving to meet new people and push the boundaries in my artistic journey.

I hope you enjoy my work as much as I enjoy making it.


– M